Ron Climer,
Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire
Is Real Estate For You?
Why a Real Estate Career?

Selling real estate is the most exciting career available.  You have the opportunity to make more money in one year than is made by the President of the United States!  No other profession in the world has as much respect for individuality.  However, it is not for the faint-hearted.  You should have the kind of liveliness that generates and communicates enthusiasm.  You ought to know and like people.  You must be able to withstand significant rejection.  More than anything, you have to be willing to work hard to build the habits that will propel you to be a superstar real estate agent.

In real estate, you are paid for one thing and only one thing – RESULTS!  Many people enter the real estate business because they are tired of their income depending on the whim of the boss.  They are tired of their vacation time depending on when others in the office are taking vacations.  In real estate, you are the boss!  You get paid what you earn!  Can you think of a more fair system?

If this sounds like something you would  be interested in doing , contact Ron.  Changing careers is a big decision.  For many people, changing from a J.O.B. to a career in real estate has been a wonderful life altering decision.  Ron acts as a mentor trainer for some new agents.  The hardest part of a real estate career is getting started.  If you are interested in starting a lucrative career in real estate and would like some help getting started , call Ron at 828 755 6996 . or .  Let  Ron show you the ropes. 

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